Introduction Module


 Introduction Video (7:26)

  Discussion about co-management definitions

  Explore the different faces of co-management

  Conceptualizing co-management as reconciliation

  Conceptualizing co-management as social justice

 Introduction Lecture (28:36)

  Origins of co-management arrangements

  Examples of co-management systems

  Scholars in the field

  Co-management Commons resource

  Module feedback
 Reflective practice

Live sessions
Special invited guest(s) (120:00)
Decolonizing dialogues (60:00)

Additional modules 

 Positionality and its place in co-management

  Cultural competence

  Science and responsibilities

 Indigenous knowledge systems

  Co-management led research

  The co-management and Indigenous well-being connection
  Dealing with the emotions of ecological loss

  Co-management and the law

  Co-management and communications

  Co-management and consensus 

  Adaptive co-management

Get started learning about co-management

Introductory talk

This short talk was put together on co-management as an introduction to the topic and an invitation to join our comprehensive modular based program, expect and Indigenous speaker services, and online community of practice.
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