Get started learning about co-management

Introductory talk

This short talk was put together on co-management as an introduction to the topic and an invitation to join our comprehensive modular based program, expect and Indigenous speaker services, and online community of practice.

Program topics

Topics are adaptive and growing

  Introduction to co-management

 Positionality and its place in co-management

  Cultural competence

  Science and responsibilities

 Indigenous knowledge systems

  Co-management led research

  The co-management and Indigenous well-being connection
  Dealing with the emotions of ecological loss

  Co-management and the law

  Co-management and communications

  Co-management and consensus 

  Adaptive co-management

Sample section


 Introduction Video (7:26)

  Discussion about co-management definitions

  Explore the different faces of co-management

  Conceptualizing co-management as reconciliation

  Conceptualizing co-management as social justice

 Introduction Lecture (28:36)

  Origins of co-management arrangements

  Examples of co-management systems

  Scholars in the field

  Co-management Commons resource

  Module feedback
 Reflective practice

Live sessions
Special invited guest(s) (120:00)
Decolonizing dialogues (60:00)

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