Comprehensive Co-management Course

Our flagship course that keeps you engaged in co-management, reflection, and continuous learning.
Educating ourselves about co-management is time well spent and shows a commitment to reconciliation.


Discover the dynamic and interdisciplinary nature of
Develop practical insights into Indigenous knowledge systems from the experts themselves.
Build a community of people committed to
co-management as a form of reconciliation.

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Jamie Snook, PhD

Educator, researcher, leader, facilitator, catalyst
Jamie has been a co-management executive director for 15 years, and has over 20 years working in Northern and Indigenous public policy and governance context. Jamie brings a mix of relevant research, education, and professional and lived experiences to facilitating this course.  Jamie created the Co-management Commons resource and hosts the dedicated podcast. He is joined by many of the leading scholars in Canada in the delivery of this course.

Feedback from 

I think the interaction created with the content, speakers, and other students created a great learning atmosphere that promoted a safe space for everyone to share; that isn't an easy feat!
"Hearing Elder Marshall was very moving and memorable. He made me think that working together with Indigenous communities could have greater significance than simply being a part of my job."
"It was great, I highly recommend it to all my peers."
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Unique Features

Subject matter experts
 Many of Canada's leading thinkers on co-management, Indigenous knowledge systems, decolonizing our minds, and other specialized topic areas are invited into the course as guest speakers. 
Different learning approaches
 Not everyone learns the same way so the course is a blend of on demand videos, podcast, live guest speakers, web based readings, recommended peer reviewed journal articles, and learning activities with the busy professional, scientist, or policy maker in mind. 
  Dedicated Substack communications
  An in-course community platform
  Small number of open spots
  Stay enrolled year over year
   Networking opportunities
Our first live class: April 24, 2024, 2pm Atlantic Time

Dr. Natalie Ban
Mr. Lawrence Ignace

We are thrilled to announce Dr. Natalie Ban and Mr. Lawrence Ignace as our esteemed inaugural guests for 2024! Their combined wealth of expertise in co-management, co-governance, community-based research, and Indigenous knowledge systems promises to enrich our course. Their discussion is perfectly poised to enhance and deepen the foundational curriculum of our Comprehensive Co-management Course. 
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